House Government Campaign

I’m really stumped as to what to call this campaign. The idea is that it’s a campaign where you stay in the same domain as government officials, which introduces a lot of new elements.

Elliot suggests the “Master of your Domain” campaign, which it only slightly too flippant, but calling it “The Bureacracy Campaign” is even less appealing.

Anyway, this campaign takes place in the Ryusei House

Player Characters

This section is basically just for me; it’s what I look at during conversation to remember relevant stats / advantages / disadvantages / etc.

Character Player Honor Rank Recognition Advantages Disadvantages
Mitsuyoshi Alex 6 8 8 Good Rep (competent) Bad Rep (unmotivated), Humble, Unconventional
Akane Julie 5 8 8 Good Rep (dueling) Unconventional
Hideaki Chris 5 6 6 Good Rep (Guru’s nephew) Bad Rep (peasant ancestry), Humble, Unconventional
Masamune Craig 6 8 8 Good Rep (tactics) Emotional
Shozu Rick 6 8 8 Good Rep (honors commitments to inferiors) Vain

House Government

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