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Ryusei Domain

The Ryusei domain is an average-sized House with a population of about 4,200 samurai (210,000 humans).


The Ryusei House Chancellary is comprised of representatives from its six largest lineages, which collectively make up almost 90% of the domain. The ruling lineage (i.e. the daimyo’s lineage) is the Ryusei lineage, and it and the others are listed below:

Lineage Councilor Governors and Magistrates Ministry Officials % of Domain
Ryusei Mirumoto no Ryusei Maino 4 11 17%
Isa Mirumoto no Ryusei Saharu 5 12 16%
Sasara Mirumoto no Ryusei Kazuchi 2 12 16%
Moe Mirumoto no Ryusei Yumiyo 9 13 15%
Tokino Mirumoto no Ryusei Biei 4 9 14%
Joji Mirumoto no Ryusei Kyono 7 9 11%

There are three smaller lineages which make up most of the rest of the remaining samurai in the domain: the Shun, the Meguri, and the Noa.

Of the lineages mentioned, three are significant for not having originally been part of the Ryusei House: the Isa, the Joji, and the Meguri. They were originally made up Mirumoto samurai displaced by the return of the Unicorn.

Here’s a breakdown of how many ministers and deputy ministers at the domain and provincial level each lineage has in each ministry:

Lineage Works Justice Retainers Rites Revenue War
Ryusei 1 4 2 0 3 1
Isa 3 0 1 2 2 4
Sasara 2 1 1 5 1 3
Moe 4 3 1 2 2 1
Tokino 0 2 2 1 2 2
Joji 2 2 2 1 1 1


House Ryusei has five provinces, which are listed below, along with their governor, the lineage of their governor, and the number of counties.

Province Governor Counties
Honshu Mirumoto no Ryusei Fumiyuki 5
Kansai Mirumoto no Ryusei Reishi 6
Maebashi Mirumoto no Ryusei Seitaro 7
Nagano Mirumoto no Ryusei Urumi 7
Yokohama Mirumoto no Ryusei Yayoi 4


The Ryusei domain is the westernmost Mirumoto House. Dragon lands are to its east and northeast, with mostly uninhabited mountains to the north. Ryusei lands border the Unicorn clan on the west, and the Lion clan on the south.

The Natsune are the Shinjo domain in the Unicorn clan lands bordering the Ryusei directly to the west.

The Wakashi are the Ikoma domain in the Lion clan lands bordering the Ryusei directly to the south.

The Fuseo are the Mirumoto domain in the other Dragon clan lands bordering the Ryusei directly to the east.

Merchant Houses

There are four major merchant houses in the domain:

Name Patron Specialties
Oto Tokino carpentry, …
Itsumi Isa carpentry, …
Shungo Sasara masonry, metalworking, …
Eisaku Joji

I’m not listing all of the major businesses that they run; I’ll list them as they come up in adventures, but I probably won’t come up with a complete business plan for every merchant family all in advance.

Religious Orders

There are three main religious orders which are popular in Ryusei lands:

  • The Order of Hotei (one of the 7 Fortunes, the fortune of contentment), which is more popular among samurai
  • The Order of Ebisu (one of the 7 Fortunes, the fortune of honest work), which is more popular among peasants
  • The Order of Sadahako (one of the minor fortunes, the fortune of artists and entertainers), which is order which absorbed the Baitenist movement

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