The Natsune House is the northeastern domain of the Shinjo family and also in all of Unicorn lands. It is directly north of the Shinjo House, but has been largely unaffected by the recent overthrow of Shinjo Yokatsu.

The Morioka province borders Ryusei lands; Akita and Wakayama are the border counties, with Akita being in the south along the Drowned Merchant River, and Wakayama being the county that the Imperial road passes through.

There are four major Natsune lineages: the Natsune (the ruling lineage), the Atsue, the Hideri, and the Yuhaya.

There are six major merchant families, which are listed here along with their patron lineages: the Kishu (Hideri and Atsue), the Ryusuke (Hideri and Atsue), the Junya (Yuhaya and Atsue), the Shusaku (Natsune and Daiki), the Yusana (Natsune and Yuhaya), and the Nobumasa (Natsune and Yuhaya).

The two main temples are to Fukurokujin (Wisdom) and Jurojin (Longevity).


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