The Wakashi domain is the Lion clan domain (of the Ikoma family) to the south of the Ryusei, just across the Drowned Merchant River.

The lineages with a seat on their chancellary are the Wakashi, the Munehiro, the Hidemasa, the Kazu, the Haruya, and the Reiko.

The PCs are sent on a trade negotiation to Shiro Wakashi, with a side mission to convince the Wakashi to help plan an attack.

  • The Wakashi are concerned about whether the plan going badly will hurt their chances for war in the long run.
  • The Reiko are concerned with the ethics of the situation. They find it questionable whether this kind of interference is justified, and worry about those not involved being dragged in and killed.
  • The Hidemasa are concerned about the effectiveness of this scheme and are also worried about the safety of their own people who will be part of the envoy, since it will be mostly their people going with the PCs.
  • The Tomio are concerned about the long-term repercussions of this scheme: what will happen if war doesn’t occur, who within the Ryusei will be alienated, whether the rest of the Mirumoto will appreciate what they’ve done, and whether the potential benefits outweigh these downsides.
  • The Kazu are behind the plan but demand a significant pre-commitment, which Yuan and the Isa are fronting.
  • The Munehiro are totally behind this plan and will help the PCs navigate the lobbying process.


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