Mirumoto no Ryusei Akane

Julie's Mirumoto bushi duelist


Mirumoto Bushi (Isa lineage)
240 XP earned
400 XP total

1 floating XP

Air: 4
Earth: 5
Fire: 5
Water: 4
Void: 6

Honor: 5
Rank: 7.5
Recognition: 13.5

attack: 5
parry: 5

double attack: 5
feint: 5
iaijutsu: 5

Social Knacks (Air):
bragging: 2
intimidation: 2
interrogation: 2
manipulation: 2
sincerity: 0
Sneaking: 0
Tact: 0
Etiquette: 0
Acting: 0

Knowledge Knacks (Water):
investigation: 2
underworld: 2

Quick Healer
Great Destiny
Imperial Favor
Strength of the Earth
Good Reputation (dueling)

Long Temper
Short Temper
Jealousy (dueling)
Dark Secret (known by Mirumoto no Ryusei Shozu)
Bad Reputation – for throwing Yuun under the bus.

6 bu gift to Zanryo


Akane’s family:

Father: Ryusei Ryouma
Ryouma was a famous duelist. He was killed in a duel with an Ikoma in a duel over something having to do with a bard’s performance. It was kind of a weird duel in that Ryouma really should have been able to win, and it probably should not have been a fatal duel in the first place. At the time of his death, his wife, Shione was pregnant with their second child, Yuki.

Mother: Ryusei Shione
Shione has always had very poor health. In particular, she had a very hard time conceiving and an even harder time bringing pregnancies to term. Over the course of their marriage, she has had many miscarriages and illnesses. Akane was born very early in their marriage. But for many years it looked like she would never be able to have another child. There were several very tense months during her pregnancy with Yuki – after Ryouma’s death – but eventually, her second daughter was born, to much rejoicing.

Shione’s health continued to deteriorate after the birth of her second daughter, and she has since retired to a convent in the mountains near Otsu county for her health.

Sister: Ryusei Yuki (pre- Gempuku)
Yuki is 12-13 years old and is currently studying for her Gempuku and her civil service exams. She is studying to be a samurai, but she is much more interested in finances and can usually be found toting around an abacus. She wants to work in the ministry of revenue. Because she was born after her father’s death, she has always been the golden child of the family. Akane has always worked to protect Yuki because if anything ever happened to her, it would just kill their mother. She lives with Akane in a nice home in the city of Shiro Ryusei.

Mirumoto no Ryusei Akane

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