Mirumoto no Ryusei Shozu

Rick's merchant


merchant, Moe lineage

250 XP

Honor: 6
Rank: 8
Recognition: 8

Air: 5
Earth: 2
Fire: 2
Water: 3
Void: 2

attack: 2
parry: 3

discern Honor: 5
oppose knowledge: 5
worldiness: 5

bragging: 3
etiquette: 1
intimidation: 1
sincerity: 5
sneaking: 5
tact: 3

acting: 2
interrogation: 3

culture: 3
heraldry: 3
investigation: 3
law: 3
precepts: 3
strategy: 2

commerce: 1
underworld: 1

Good Reputation (honors commitments to inferiors)

Driven (promote Moe)
Long Temper

gifts 5 times the normal amounts to superiors, peers, and inferiors
superiors: 4.8 extra koku
other clerks: 11.1 koku
low-level workers: 12.6 koku
28.5 koku on extra gifts

temple donations: 8 koku to each temple


Shozu was the son of Mirumoto no Ryusei Renzo, a Moe merchant of modest means. His mother died in childbirth, and his father died of illness shortly after. Shozu was placed in the care of his nearest living relative, his paternal grandfather, Mirumoto no Ryusei Daisho. Daisho was a Meguri Bushi who was well respected for his beautiful combat technique, ferocity in battle, and strength. He advanced to great standing in his youth due to these virtues, leaving the raising of his son to his wife. His virtues, however, did not translate into success as a retired widower retainer unexpectedly raising his grandson. Daisho often drank and beat the boy, who seemed to always have a bruise or three accompanying him as if old friends. Unfortunately for Shozu, hos grandfather was too wealthy and powerful to be slighted by being denied the chance to raise his grandson.

Shozu naturally followed in his father and father’s mother’s footsteps becoming a merchant and choosing the Moe at his Gempuku. Since then, he has taken off as somewhat of a prodigy in running his father’s business (infused with some of the capital of his wealthy grandfather), and leveraged his wealth into a prestigious position at the ministry of rights.

Shozu’s upbringing has left him with a (well hidden) disdain for bushi as thugs, as well as a love and drive for making money and glorifying the Moe as the most civilized lineage in the realm.

Mirumoto no Ryusei Shozu

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